Doors, doors, doors!

Pretty much the first thing we did when we took possession of the house is start taking down doors.  We ripped out the shutter doors in our kitchen, removed the pantry doors, closet doors and bedroom doors.  We even took out the bathrooms doors.  We had a door-less house.

Everntually, we realized we needed to put the doors back on.  First went the bathroom door, then the bedrooms, but that's about as far as we got, and for the past 4 months we have been living in a house with no closet doors.  Until last weekend.

We had bought new 6 panel closet doors to replace the old flat doors with mismatched hardware.  Soon after buying them we realized that we needed to do a lot more than just install them.  First Matt cut off about 3" from the bottoms, because they were a little bit too tall.  Then I painted them, 2 coats each.  Then we needed to buy a new drill bit so we could drill holes for the new hardware.  After drilling the hole we realized that some of the paint got messed up so I painted them again.  Then we installed the hardware, and finally got them installed in our entry closet.  This whole process took about a month.

We also finally got around to painting our front door.  This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, because from the outside the white door blended into the cream painted brick, and from the inside the door was damaged from a deadbolt lock that we removed as well as curtain brackets that we removed. 

The door itself is original to the house.  It needed a little bit of TLC from years of dents, dog scratches and general wear and tear.  We filled in the dents and scratches.

Sanded it all smooth.  Before painting I put a sheet of wax paper over the spot where the door usually hits.

And applied 3 coats of paint.

After one coat of paint

We also spray painted the knocker, which was previously bronze turned black.  We used Rustoleum Brushed Satin, and now it's pretty close to the color of our doorknob.

So now our entry way actually looks like something I would want people to see when entering our house!  I'm so happy to get these 2 projects done.




  1. Hello Anne and Matt, I found your blog on google search and I must say...you have your hands full! I know what it is to do the job you are doing now! You have made some good progress...I love the entry and the door is very inviting!
    I am now your new follower! I want to tag along to see, and help to boost your spirits! LOL! Please stop by and visit us and maybe become a follower with us! We would love having you both! Love what you are doing! Hugs! Loretta

  2. Hello and welcome to our blog! You chose a great time to join, because we have some great projects coming up! Thanks!