Painting the Shutters

Sometimes little changes can make all the difference in a house.  One little project that I've been meaning to do but kept putting off was painting the shutters.  I don't really know what the pervious owners were thinking when they painted our house.  The house exterior was the exact same yellow that the interior was, and the shutters were a light blue, which offered no contrast.  Well I finally got around to painting them, and I ended up choosing a dark gray. 

First, I'll give you a reminder of what the house looked like earlier this year:


I chose to paint the shutters "Evening Hush" by Behr.  Here's what the house looks like now:

A little bit different, right?  I'm so happy with how it turned out.  I love that you can actually tell we have shutters now, and I like that the front door still stands out. 

Look at how far we've come in 2.5 years:

We still need to paint the gutters and soffits, because for some reason they are painted blue as well, but for now I think the difference in the shutters makes a huge difference.  I also want to get a new storm door with more glass and a screen, so we can open it when it's nice out (like it has been lately!).

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