First Weekend

First off, I want to apologize.  This weekend was so crazy with getting everything started with the remodeling, that I didn't get any camera photos.  On Saturday when I went to take pictures, I realized my camera batteries were dead, so I charged it overnight, and didn't realize I left it plugged in at our apartment until I was already at the house.  So you'll have to make due with crappy cell phone pictures. 

That being said, there's really nothing amazing to see.  We spent the weekend tearing out moulding, spackling and basically making a huge mess.  My mom got me this awesome moulding remover tool, and I went a little crazy, ripping out moulding from the floor, chair rails, windows and doors.  We also took off all of the old vent covers that were painted over 100 times, which was tricky, because the screws had been painted over 100x, too.

We also found out that the previous owners had taken a lot of short cuts in their decorating and updating.  Example 1: 
You might be wondering why there are stripes of spackle along the wall.  Well, it's because the previous owners painted over their wallpaper, and there are bumps every 20" where the wallpaper meets. 

Example 2: When the hardwood floors were installed, they didn't remove the base molding first, they just put in the floors around it.  This has made taking out the moulding in those areas incredibly annoying, as we have to saw the wood at the floor level to take it out.  It's so time consuming, we tried it in the guest room today and it took us 4ish hours to do the room.  I'm convinced it will look so much better when we're done, so we're pushing on.

Anyway, here are some more photos of the house from last night.  I'll try to get some of the guest room tomorrow, because it's the first room that's completely stripped, spackled, sanded and ready for paint. 

 We set up our main camp in the living room.

 Here is the master 1/2 bath after we ripped out the shelving and spackled.  Since then we've taken out the old rusty medicine cabinet, which we'll replace with a new one we got last night.

 We've temporarily converted the family room into a workshop.

We took out the shutter doors and door jamb, and the opening from the kitchen to the living room looks so much bigger.

So yea, busy weekend. I'm exhausted!  We'll be working on and off this week, so I'll try to get another update before next weekend.

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