T-48 days until moving day, and we've got a lot more to do!  We got a ton of demo done this week, and now the house looks worse than when we got it.  We spent the past week taking out the base moulding, removing the kitchen cabinets, taking out the backsplash in the kitchen, spackling and sanding.  We also got the wasp nests out of the attic, and added new vent screens to keep bugs out.  Here are some photos from this week:

 My grandparents also helped out with clearing/tidying the front yard, since Matt and I are super busy inside.  Here's some of the perennials coming up in our front yard:

Here's a photo of the house without the fug fence and with the shrubs tidied.

We still have lots to do.  Some things coming up in the next weeks are:
  • adding a new outlet for the stove
  • putting the upper cabinets back up
  • adding another lower cabinet
  • getting the new countertop
  • refinishing the bathtub (scheduled for this Thursday)
  • Refinishing the floors
  • spackle, sand, rinse repeat
  • painting
I'll try to keep this updated as we work on things.  I'm almost happy it's Monday tomorrow, because I'm exhausted!  A day sitting in an office sounds awesome after a weekend of physical labor!

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