I want this! part 1

Ever since we decided to buy our house, I have been brainstorming color schemes, artwork, furniture and other household wares.  I don't think even Matt knows how deep my obsession goes (I've stopped mentioning things, because whenever I do his eyes glaze over and I get the distinct impression I could just as well be talking to myself).  I've been scouting furniture stores, craigslist and amazon for the past 6 months, impatiently awaiting the day when we can actually BUY things instead of putting them on wish lists.  *sigh*

Anyway, here are things I want:

I would love these end and coffee tables for the living room.  I love the style, and the design is also practical.  I was so disappointed in the wood coffee table we got for the apartment.  The wood is so soft that it's dented everywhere, even though we're super careful and have only had it for a year.  I like that the tops of these are glass, so we don't have to worry about coasters, but there's still the wood element and good storage space.  Plus, they're on sale!!  Must resist the urge to go out after work and buy them...

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