Sorry, no photos!

I'm not posting photos this week, because the house still looks like a wreck, and I'm not sure if there's a visible difference.  Even though the house doesn't look much different, we got a lot accomplished this weekend.  My dad came over and we put his electrical skills to work by having him change out some of the older switched in the house.   We had an interesting mixture of every different type of switch, including some of the originals. Now they all match!  This probably wouldn't matter to most people, but I'm a little bit crazy, so it's important to me. 

We've also been working on getting the house paint-ready.  Spackling, sponging, sanding, repeat.  Our goal is to have the main and upper levels primed to paint before the floors get done (May 4th) so we can start painting as soon and the floors are finished.  The floor will take about a week to be finished, 4 days of labor and 3 days to dry.  Matt and I have decided we'll use that time to start packing, and also to paint the downstairs family room, which will be carpeted.

Hopefully I'll have more progress photos for you in the next few days.  We hope to start priming this weekend, and finish the kitchen shelves and getting the kitchen bookcase framed. 


  1. It's a tough reno stage to be in, isn't it, when everything is ripped out and the progress isn't obvious...

    I'm curious though: why are you waiting until after the floors are finished to paint? We plan to paint before we put in our new hardwood so we don't have to worry too much about splatters on our beautiful new floors.

    Nice blog! It's nice to meet other bloggers at the same reno stage we are. :)

  2. Thank you!

    The company who we hired to refinish the floors suggested that we wait to paint, because the walls can get dirty and scratched when they sand. Also, I don't know if we'll have enough time before the floors are done to paint!