Bathtub Before & After!

I'm extremely excited about having the bathtub done!  It was so gross before, and it's also the first positive change we've seen in the house (since everything else we've done involves demolition of some sort).  So without further ado, the photos:


It was pretty bad.  Pink, faded, permanently dirty.  Now for the after:

It's white!  It's clean!  I won't feel dirty after taking a shower!  I'm so thrilled with how it turned out.  We decided to hire people to do it, because I was scared of not being able to get a smooth surface if we DIYd.  It was still way cheaper than getting a new bathtub.  They were in and out in 1.5 hours.  Fantastic!

"So what's going on this weekend?" you may wonder.  I'm glad you asked.  Due to my amazing AE education, I took a construction management course in college.  That gave me the ability to come up with this:

Yes!  It's a construction schedule!  Complete with checklists for each room below.  This weekend we will be 1) adding an outlet in the kitchen, 2) reinstalling the upper kitchen cabinets, 3) continuing moulding removal and spackle/sand.  Hopefully we'll stay on track and I'll have more photos to post on Sunday!

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  1. The reglazing looks great! We have an old dirty tub we're thinking of reglazing some day. This give me hope! Your charts are funny, and give me deja vu of when we moved into our house. We had the same thing, gant charts and all :) It was great for our sanity and for all our friends who volunteered. "What should I do?" "check the chart!"