Kitchen Countertop Removal

Yesterday Matt and I finally decided on a place to do our countertop.  A little close to the wire, because it takes 3 weeks to order the counters from the time they measure them.  We're still planning on moving May 21st, which is a little less than 4 weeks from now.  Oops.

Anyway, before they measure for the countertops, we needed to take the old ones off and put all the appliances in place.  It was a long, physical process, because the previous counters were tile.  Here's how it went:


Removing the sink was annoying and took over an hour.  We got it eventually!

 We then chiseled away at the tiles.

 Matt was not amused.

 But we did get the tile off

Hey! check out the kitchen!  Better? No?

But at least we have a fridge now!  We moved it in last weekend.  It's Matt's parent's old one, and it's not hooked up to the water line (for 2 reasons 1) because it leaks and 2) because we don't have a water line).  But it keeps things cold, and it was free.  Now we can offer our free laborers cold refreshments.

Here are some springtime pictures from the house.  Kindly ignore the fact that we have yet to mow the lawn.

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