It's not that I hate yellow...

but there was just so much.  Yellow in small doses is nice.  It's sunny, warm and cheerful.  Not the yellow in our house. Or that was in our house.  I headed up the anti-yellow campaign (AYC) this weekend.  We managed to prime the entire upstairs, living room and dining room. 

Guest Bedroom

Dining Room

Living Room
Living Room

It's not perfect, but it's much better than it was.  And if I headed up the AYC, then Matt was the leader of the movement for expanded storage (MfES).  The MfES spent the weekend measuring, cutting and installing a new base cabinet in the kitchen.  The countertop people are coming tomorrow to get the template for the kitchen, so we needed to get them done ASAP.  Here are the photos:

We will eventually paint the end cabinet white and add shelves, but for now they should be able to measure it.  I'm so excited to be adding so much counter space to the kitchen, since it's so small.  The counter installation date is set for May 16, and I can't wait!

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