We are officially Garden Staters!

But not without a headache!  We decided to do our residency change on Saturday because the floors were still drying and we were approaching the 60 day limit.  On Friday night, as we were gathering our documents and getting ready for bed, we realized that to change the title on our cars, we needed NJ car insurance.  I'm thinking that it won't be a big deal, and we can just change it online and print it out for tomorrow.  We already have homeowners insurance through the same company, so how hard could it be?  Fast forward to midnight when Matt is on the phone with a representative (lucky they offer 24/7 service).  Aside from the fact that we're getting homeowners through them, they needed other proof that we lived there.  By 1am, we were finally insured in NJ. 

We woke up the next morning at 6:30 so we could be at the MVC bright and early.  We just had to stop at the house and try to find the gas bill as proof of address (I know, I know, but the house is such a mess things are bound to get misplaced).  I was ready before Matt and left to stop by the house.  Thankfully I didn't have to search for the gas bill because we had gotten a sewer bill in the mail with both of our names on it.  That is probably the only time I'll ever be happy to see a bill.

Upon arriving at the MVC I was dismayed to discover that the parking lot was already full.  It opened at 8am and we got there around 8:15.  We got to the receptionist, who gave us a bunch of forms to fill out.  The license part actually went pretty smoothly.  The first time I took the photo, the woman said "I'm going to count down from 3.  3... 2... Oh, hey maria" click.  I was looking to the side at Maria, so she retook it. 

The title was a little more annoying.  Matt actually couldn't get his new title on Saturday because we're still paying off his car and he has to talk to the lender.  I wanted to ad Matt as a co-owner, which basically means I had to fill out the paperwork as if I was selling it to myself.  The MVC worker and I got confused with the paperwork.  I put the original purchase price on the form, and he tried to charge me tax, thinking that I had actually just bought the car.  It all worked out eventually, and I got my NJ title and license plates :) 

The whole ordeal took about 1 1/2 hours, and I'm so glad we got it over with.  It was something I had been dreading (doesn't everyone dread trips to the MVC/DMV/whatever?).  Now it's one more thing checked off the endless "to-do" list!

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