The Floors Are Finished!!

And they look awesome!  I'm sooo excited, and it was completely worth it to have someone come in and do it.  They were finished in 3 days, and if we would have tried to DIY I'm sure it would have taken over a week.

 Ok, so part of this was the camera, but still, not in great shape

 lots of scratches

 and more scratches

 Here's how it looked after it had been sanded

 Such a huge difference between the stained and sanded parts!

 Here are the finished floors!  We chose not to do a stain and keep the floors natural. It's a satin finish.

 I'm so happy with how these turned out!

 So pretty!

And no more scratches, dents or dings!

Unfortunately (maybe?) this means we can't work in the house this weekend.  We're going to finally be changing our licenses and address.  There are also plans to go furniture shopping, and to finally buy the vanities for the two upstairs bathrooms.  I can't believe the difference in how the house looks just from last Friday until this Friday.  Everything is starting to come together, finally!


  1. They look so nice! What a fabulous job! Refinished floors make such a difference.

  2. Lookin' good! We DIYed our and it was a lot of work and doesn't look as nice as yours. Good choice :)

  3. Thank you! We thought about DIY, but we have so much other stuff going on, and we really needed it done quickly, so we sucked it up and paid for it. We'll be doing the stairs ourselves, though!