Everything that can go wrong...

After the counters were installed I was very excited that we were making visible progress in the house.  For the first time I actually believed that we would be ready to move on May 21st.

Then we tried to install the vanity in the bathroom.

The first problem was that the drain to our sink goes through the floor and not the wall.  Since most houses have plumbing go through the walls and not the floor, the vanity we bought had a solid bottom to it.

So we had to cut a space for the pipe. 

After getting the vanity back upstairs, we realized that we probably shouldn't have installed the moulding before the vanity, since the vanity is supposed to be flush to the wall.  So we cut that out.

Next, we noticed that when we could finally get the vanity against the wall, it wasn't flush.  Apparently our floors slope away from the wall, so we put risers on the feet to make it more level.  

Then Matt did a lot of things when I wasn't around, and did not take pictures like I asked, but I forgave him because I came home to this:

A working vanity!  Water comes out of the faucet and drains and doesn't leak!  Now we just need to put the door back on, get the hardware up and a shower curtain, and we're good to go.

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