Office Update

So you may have noticed a lack of new posts recently.  Well, after the first few rushed months of tying to get into the house and fix it up, then moving, we were exhausted.  Our first major goal was to have the main level completed by June 11th, which was our housewarming/my birthday party.  We worked at an insane pace until that point, and got a lot done.  We were able to get the kitchen looking pretty good, and we were only missing some trim when the day of the party came.  We were literally working until 5 minutes before guests started arriving.
So after that crazy rush we needed a break.  I mean, we’d been working on the house pretty much constantly since we bought it (plus both working full time jobs). Yes, we definitely needed to rest.
But, now it’s 3 weeks later and we haven’t really progressed at all since the party.  Matt cut a little bit of trim and I put together a shelf for the bathroom, but nothing serious.  I think part of the reason we’ve slowed down (besides the lack of motivation that a bunch of people coming to judge your house provides) is that now it’s decision time. 
We already made big decisions with the paint colors and materials for the kitchen, but now it’s time to really pull it all together.  Finding just the right curtains, furniture and art takes time, and we don’t want to rush it.  

We did, however, find furniture for our office.  Matt found the desk on craigslist (for $30!), and while it's not my ideal piece of furniture, it will be fine for now.  Also, we bought a sofa for the office, so we can be comfy watching the only tv in the house.  The sofa is a Parker Microfiber sofa from Raymore & Flanagan.  We liked it because the space isn't that large, and it's only 78" long.  Here are some photos:

The wall color is Ivory Brown by Valspar.  I'm really happy with it, since it looked... not so nice while in the can.  I really like it now.  Plus, once we get the trim up it will look more polished.

I also want to add some color to the room, maybe with a window treatment or accent pillows on the sofa.  I'm not sure what color to go with right now, maybe a blue?   Also, we still haven't decided where to put most of our art, so some might end up in here.  

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