Can I get some privacy, please?

For some reason, I am very annoyed by the window on our front door.  It makes me feel weird that people at the door can see through the kitchen (says the person who still hasn't installed curtains for her 9'x4' living room picture window).  I didn't say it was rational, but I'm not a fan of the door window. 

We are probably going to get a new front door sometime down the road, but while we have this one, we might as well do something about the window.  Here it is, in case you were wondering:

And believe me, I'm completely aware that there are other issues to address with the entrance, but for now, it's just the window. 

I bought a sheet of etched glass film from Home Depot and got to work.  It was relatively easy to install.  I measured the window and used a utility knife to cut the film to size.

I cleaned the window, and after making sure the film was the right size I sprayed a water/soap mixture on the window and stuck the film on.  I used a putty knife to make sure there were no bubbles under the film, and the result is a frosted glass window! 

It wasn't a huge difference, but I'm really pleased with the difference it makes. 

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