Bathroom Update

The bathroom was another pretty big project.  When we bought the house it was dirty and outdated.  It had a faded pink tub, a plastic sink with no storage and old hardware.  We ripped out the sink and trim, had the bathtub refinished and updated the hardware.  Here's our bathroom now:

Charmin bear says "hi!"
Do you like our rubber ducky picture?

We got this shelving unit for $50 at Ikea.

To give you an idea of how far we've come, here's what the bathroom looked like when we bought the house:

Dirty, faded, pink bathtub

Vanity top with a old TV stand underneath.
After ripping everything out and patching the holes, we had the tub refinished.  The pink just wasn't working for us, and we wanted a fresh start.  We chose to hire someone to finish it for us, because we were nervous about getting an even surface.  It was well worth the money, because it looks like a brand new tub.

After the walls were patched and sanded, we painted.  We used Valspar bath & kitchen enamel, which is meant to prevent mold and mildew.

After painting, we installed the vanity.  It was more complicated than it should have been, but afterward the space was finally usable.

After the vanity was installed, we put up the mirror. 

We're not exactly happy with how the mirror turned out.  Since the wall is uneven, the mirror is slightly bent in the middle which adds about 15lbs to anyone looking at themselves.  We're on the lookout for a new mirror, but for now this will do.

Cost Breakdown
bathtub refinishing: $415
paint: $30
vanity (lowes): $170
trim: $40
mirror: $90
shelves (ikea): $50
baskets (target): $25
hardware: $70
shower curtain/rod: $30

Total bathroom remodel: $920

That's about all we're going to do with the bathroom at this point.  Eventually I want to replace the plastic shower liner with tile, but there's a lot more to do before that point.  Right now we are focused on finding a new mirror that can be hung instead of screwed to the wall.  What do you think of our bathroom redo?  Do you know where we can find a cheap, decent mirror? 

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