Living Room Update

So here's a peek at our living room as of now.  So far we've had the floors refinished, patched and painted the walls, put most of the trim up, installed curtains and installed a lighting fixture.  All of the furniture was what we had from our apartment except for a bench that we bought at Homegoods for $150.


We still need to buy a rug, paint the front door, finish the trim and install doors on the closet.  I also want to add something above the bench, but I'm not sure what yet.  Maybe the 3'x4' mirror from the full bathroom?  Or a painting?  I think something large would work best on that wall.  Maybe we'll pick something up on vacation next week (Matt and I have a tradition of buying art when we travel). 

Circles Rug
We really like this rug from West Elm.
 In case you forgot, this is what the room looked like before. 

Here's the cost breakdown of our living room so far:

Floor Refinishing: $600ish (we had the whole house done for $3200)
Paint: $60
Trim: $150
Light Fixture: $35
Curtains/Curtain Rod: $100
Etched Glass Film: $30
Bench: $150
Rug: $40

Grand Total: $1165

Not too bad.  It could have been less if we had done the floor ourselves, but I really don't think it would look as nice as it does.  Plus it probably would have taken weeks for us to do our whole house, whereas the guy we hired was done in 3 days.  While we were at work.  Can't beat that!


  1. What progress! I love your curtains! And an absolute yes to that rug.

  2. I love the color of your curtains! It would look so great to have pillows in the same color to tie in the color :)
    Awesome progress!

  3. I'm trying to find a similar rug that's more budget friendly... $600 is a little bit more than we wanted to spend!

    And I'm definitely going to update the pillows on the couch. We had red in our apartment, but now I'd like to match the blue in the curtains, and maybe the purple in the dining room.