The List

I think it's about time that we re-evaluate The List.  It's been almost 2 months since we've moved in, and while we've checked off some things, we've also added a lot.  Items in blue are new, and purple are my notes.  Here's where we are:

remove front fence
trim bushes
new landscaping in front (possibly hydrangea)
new fence in back
repave driveway
power wash back deck (I've got about halfway through it)
refinish back deck
gutter guards on the upper roof gutters
remove concrete patio in back and add a new stone paver patio and path
remove dog house and build a new shed
paint shutters
remove paint from brick in front
paint house
remove antenna from chimney
add landscaping around back
get furniture for the deck
get furniture for the patio
landscaping around the deck
trim trees
clean gutters (I cleaned the lower ones, but I haven't gotten on the upper roof to clean them yet)

new moulding in living room, dining room, kitchen, master bd, guest bd, office, band room, bathrooms
paint living room, dining room, kitchen, master bd, guest bd, office, band room, family room, bathrooms
new curtains for the master bedroom, living room, dining room, office and guest room
re-paint all doors
paint stair railing (eventually replace the railing)
new vent covers (we replaced the ones in the rooms which are painted)
new outlet covers (we replaced the ones in the rooms which we painted)
family room furniture (sofa, chair, coffee table, end tables)
find rugs for the living room and master bedroom
add wainscoting in the dining room
build a wall partition in the dining room
find a pendant light for above dining room table
find a track light for above the kitchen table (we found it, we just haven't installed it)
move light from the master bathroom to the kitchen
install track light in the living room

straighten the kitchen cabinets
install new countertop in the kitchen
install new backsplash in the kitchen
build a lower cabinet in the kitchen
build shelves in the kitchen
build a bookcase in place of the pantry
find a pub table set for the kitchen
find undercabinet lighting for the kitchen
install new carpeting in the family room
install sound insulation in the band room
install new vanities in the master bathroom and full bathroom
find a linen shelf for the full bathroom
build a closet organizer in the master bedroom
find new furniture for the master bedroom
install new hardware in the master bathroom, full bathroom and powder room
replace showerhead in full bathroom
have the tub refinished

have the floors refinished
refinish and paint the stairs
find console table or bench for entry wall
put up artwork
refinish outdoor chairs
refinish desk
refinish guest room furniture
window treatments in the kitchen

So while we still have a lot to do, we are making some progress.  Anyone else have a gigantic to-do list for their house?  Does it ever end, or do you just keep adding onto it?


  1. I'm impressed! I started a similar post yesterday, got kind of depressed as it just kept getting longer and longer and longer and... I still have it sitting in draft, but it's likely not going to be posted any time soon...

  2. I know! I have no idea how we're ever going to get half of this stuff done, and I just keep adding!