Master Bedroom Update

Now that we've installed the toilet and it's no longer sitting on the bedroom floor, we were able to lay down the rug and set up the bed frame.  We bought the Simple bed frame and Window headboard from West Elm.  The headboard and bed frame were both on sale, and we got them for $665 total.  The rug was called "Stepping Stones" and we bought it from RugsUSA.  We were so happy with our living room rug that we took the plunge and ordered another one!  The rug was also on sale for 75% off, so the total came to $157 for a 8'x10' rug.

And most importantly, the dogs approve :)

We're really happy with how our bedroom is turning out.  Now that the bathroom is almost finished, we're working more on the bedroom.  We still have some trim to finish, but pretty soon we can start looking for a new mattress!  Hopefully we'll be able to move into the master bedroom in the next few months.

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