Family Room Built-ins Part 1

I'm actually pretty far behind with updates here.  Silly me for actually doing work on the house and not having time to blog!  I promise more updates will come soon.

We actually just got the carpets installed today, but I don't have photos right now.  We had to work really hard to get the built-ins ready for the carpet to be installed around them.  

We made the frames out of melamine particle board, because it will look nice on the inside and be easy to clean.  The fronts have wood trim.  

We also added beadboard backing, so it gives it a more finished look.  We spent a lot of time measuring for the outlet hole, and it was worth it because when we moved the built-in into place it lined up prefectly! 

Actually moving the frame to the wall was really tough - it was super heavy, and it was also a really tight fit.  We got it in eventually!  Then I spent a while trying to get the trim to fit perfectly on the front.  I think they're looking pretty good! 

Here are the progress photos!

Built in frame made of melamine board with beadboard backing.
The built in is in place!
It looks much better with trim!
I made sure to attach the trim securely, even in the corners, because the doors will be attached to the trim and I want to make sure they're sturdy and hold up over time.
I added some lattice to the end to give it a more finished look.  Hopefully it will all come together soon!
Next up we need to make the doors and stain the wood for the counter top. 

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