Lessons I Learned from the Half Bath Reno

1) Grasscloth sucks to install.  I'll write another post about this later.

2) Matt will probably never do a plumbing project for me again.

3) I'm pretty good at installing toilets.

4) I really hate caulking.

5) Finishing touches really make the room.

6) When you really need a stud they're impossible to find.

7) When you're planning not to use a stud, they're right there.

Basically this was a 3-4 week project that we managed to stretch into 6 months.  Although I really think it's worth it.  I refused to use the powder room before, because it grossed me out so much.  Between the weird stains on the tile, the dirty walls and the smallest sink known to man (and woman), it was in major need of a makeover.  I'm really happy with the changes we made. 

Anyway, here are the before and afters. 

Basically everything in the new powder room is new.  We had a new floor put in, hung the grasscloth wallpaper, installed trim and beadboard, and installed the toilet and hardware.  Here are some before and progress pictures:


So there you have it, the whole 6 month process condensed into 1 blog post :)

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