New Year Goal Updates

Since we're almost half way through 2013 (where has the time gone?), I thought I would re-visit my goal list for this year. 

House Related

1) Finish the first pass on the inside of the house.  Eh, we're muddling through.  We've completely a lot of work on the downstairs so far, and I really want to finish the rest before I start grad school (see #9).

2) Go through the house and purge every closet, drawer and cabinet.  I'm working on it.  I went through the kitchen, hall closet, dining room buffet and office so far.  Once we're finished the downstairs I'll go through all that stuff and find a home for everything.


3) Run a sub 30 minute 5k.  I've been running.  And I've been running faster.  I don't have any 5ks scheduled yet, maybe towards the end of the summer. 

4) Complete a half marathon.  I signed up for the Trenton Half Marathon this November.  I am planning to start officially training at the end of July.

5) Get to my goal weight and maintain.  Working on it.

6) Have a general physical, dental cleaning and eye exam.  Done!


7) Get my LEED AP.  I'm hoping to take the exam in October. 

8) Do five speeches for Toastmasters.  Three down, two to go!

9) Take the GRE and apply for grad school.  I have taken the GRE, and will start applying to grad school at the end of the summer (applications are due in Oct/Nov for spring 2014).


10) Change my name.  Done!

11) Start an IRA and contribute the max.  Done!

12) Make 3 changes to decrease my carbon footprint.  I started a vegetable garden to grow my own food, built a compost bin, and I am planning to install a rainwater collection system to use to water the plants in my yard.

13) Don't buy any clothes in 2013.  I was really good until a couple of weeks ago, when I realized I had no nice work clothes for summer.  I made an investment in my career :)

Overall I'm happy with my progress.  I'm on the right track, and believe that I'll be able to accomplish everything by the end of the year!

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