2013 Goal Review

Since pretty much the only thing I update anymore are about my yearly goals, here’s a recap of my 2013 goals.
House Related

1) Finish the first pass on the inside of the house. 
We’re still working on it! We’ve gotten some small things finished which I’ll try to update on here soon, but it always seems like we’re adding to the list!  At this point I’m just really trying to get my office done before I start grad school (in March!).

2) Go through the house and purge every closet, drawer and cabinet. 
This was really hard to do this year since we ended up selling my mom’s house.  My brother and I spent every weekend during July going through the house to get it ready to sell, and then many weekends between when we accepted an offer and when we closed in October cleaning everything out.  Obviously I had no desire to go from cleaning my mom’s house to cleaning my own, so I kind of neglected my house this year.  Plus I accumulated a lot of things from my mom’s house.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to be more organized in my own house in 2014.


3) Run a sub 30 minute 5k.  
I’ve done this, but I don’t have an official race time.  My best time per my Garmin was 29:13, and I've done it on the Treadmill several times.  I just haven't run a 5k in over a year!   

4) Complete a half marathon. 
I completed the Trenton Half Marathon in November!  I actually loved it, and I hope to do more half marathons in the future.

5) Get to my goal weight and maintain. 
Working on it.

6) Have a general physical, dental cleaning and eye exam. 


7) Get my LEED AP.  
I passed!  It was an awful test to study for, and I’m so glad it’s over. 

8) Do five speeches for Toastmasters. 
I didn’t quite make it – I’ll be doing the 5th speech on Jan 7th.

9) Take the GRE and apply for grad school. 
Done!  I was accepted into 5 programs, and I’ve decided to go to Indiana University.  I start in March!


10) Change my name. 

11) Start an IRA and contribute the max.  

12) Make 3 changes to decrease my carbon footprint. 
I did!  We made a compost pile and have been composting regularly.  We’ve also been using fabric baggies for snacks, instead of plastic bags.  I also had a vegetable garden in the summer and grew some food.

13) Don't buy any clothes in 2013. 
I didn’t buy clothes for about 6 months.  Then I did.  It was rough. 
Overall, I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplish in 2013.  I'm looking forward to 2014!  Happy New Year!

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