Goals for 2014

I’m not going to set as many goals for myself as I usually do, mostly because I’ll be starting a fairly rigorous graduate school program in March (while continuing to work full time).  I like challenging myself with goals, but I don’t want to stress myself out by overextending myself.  Here’s what I hope to accomplish in 2014.
1) Finish my office before I start grad school.  I really need a place where I can organize my materials and study.  I’ve already painted the walls and got a new desk.  I still have to:
-paint the ceiling
-install the new light fixture
-install closet doors
-put up trim
2) Build a coffee table, end table, and kitchen cabinet.  I’ve already started building the coffee table.  Hopefully I’ll have nice weather again at some point so I can finish the job.  I’m also planning on making a counter-height moveable kitchen cabinet for next to the refrigerator, where we used to have the pub table.  
3) Get back into running, and run another half marathon.  I got a stress fracture after I completed my first half marathon, and I was forced to take 6 weeks off.  I just started again, and it’s been rough getting back into it.  I absolutely loved running the half, though, and I want to do more in the future.  I’ll probably be able to do one again by next fall.  
4) Maintain a good GPA with my grad school classes.  
5) Continue to perform well at work. I don’t want my job performance slipping because I’m spreading myself too thin.
6) Get my CC and CL from toastmasters.  The CC stands for Competent Communicator, and I only have 2 speeches before I reach this goal.  The CL stands for Competent Leadership, and I have several things I need to do to obtain this.  
7) Volunteer at least 10 hours a month with Habitat for Humanity.  I recently started volunteering with them, and I think it’s a great cause, and would like to continue throughout the year. I know 10 hours/month is not very much, but it seems like it’s a reasonable amount that I can give, without giving up time for work or school.  
8) Improve my vegetable garden from last year.  I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started my veggie garden last year, so this year I’m going to do more research and figure out how to get the best produce before I plant.  Hopefully I’ll get more food from it this year!
So those are my 8 goals for this year.  I think they will be challenging, but are also attainable.  I can’t wait to get started!

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