Slowly moving forward

I haven't posted in a while because nothing has really been happening with the house.  We were hoping to have closed by now, but everything keeps getting pushed back.

The story behind this is as follows:  The seller is an investment company that bought the house in October and flipped it to sell in November.  They acquired the deed on October 26th, and we put in an offer in the middle of November.  Matt and I are getting an FHA loan.  Because of the stupid stringent rules surrounding that type of loan, the seller has to be in possession of the deed for a minimum of 90 days before closing.  Not only do they need to be in possession of the deed, but all of the documents have to be dated after the 90 days. 

So, we need a new contract, new appraisal and the seller has to get an appraisal dated after January 26th. Luckily the seller agreed to maintain all of the terms of the current contract (thank gosh we got a lawyer), so we'll have to go and sign the new contract next week, and hopefully we can get the appraisals done within a week.  We don't think we'll need to give the mortgage company any more information, but we might have to send them more updated account and pay info (the last time we gave them anything was the end of December). 

Our new goal is to close at the beginning of February.  We'd love to be moved in by the end of the month, but we'll have to play it by ear at this point.  We're trying not to get too frustrated, but it's hard when we've been under contract for almost 70 days. Sigh.

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