New Contract

Yesterday was the 90 day mark, so we are moving again, and quickly!  We got the new contract on Tuesday and dated everything from the 26th, and should be receiving the new mortgage application tonight or tomorrow (if this snow doesn't interfere!).  Once we get out the new mortgage application, we need to start looking for homeowners insurance and schedule another appraisal.

We have a new tentative close date of February 18th, but we are really playing it by ear.  It's a good thing we love this house so much, because after this I don't want to move again for a looong time!

OK, enough boring stuff.  Here is the color palate I like for the house right now:

Right now I'm thinking the living room, family room and hallways will be grey, the dining room I want purple, the kitchen will probably be grey, master bedroom blue and office brown.  I'm not quite sure about the bathrooms and guest room yet, but it will probably tie into the color palate.  Everything will have white mouldings. I can't wait to get samples and see how they look in the house.

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