Well, here it is!

So it's the new year, and we're buying a house, and blah blah blah.  I'm really just super self absorbed and have to share my thoughts/feeling/home renovations on the interweb!  Since Matt and I are buying a house to which we will be doing remodeling and redecorating, I really just wanted a place to post our before and afters, and to keep a log of the projects we've done and the timeline.  Hopefully we'll be closing by the end of the month, so we can start on the updates.  There's not too much we can't do ourselves, so it'll be an awesome adventure! 

So basically, it's really ugly.  I have no idea what is with 1) the silly fence 2) the baby blue on cream color palate 3) the painted brick 4) the gutters, stairs, and downspouts painted blue.  Really?  Anyway, that's just the outside and obviously there's a lot of work to be done. 

The plus sides of the house, AKA why we are going to be majorly in debt.  1) It's got a great layout.  main floor = kitchen, dining, living; bottom floor = family room, band room, laundry and 1/2 bath; upper floor = 3 bedrooms, full bath and 1/2 bath en suite to the master bedroom.  2) great neighborhood, good school district, close to work (5 min for me, 10 min for Matt), 3) it's the ugliest house in the neighborhood, which means we can only add value, 4) we can do 95% of the work ourselves, 5) we can afford it. 

At this point we're looking to close at the end of the month.  They just did the appraisal last week, and hopefully everything moves smoothly from now on.  Yay house!

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