New Stove

Matt and I finally picked out our stove!  We are way more excited than we probably should be, but this is one of the first things we've bought for the house.

Well, technically we're not buying it.  As I've mentioned before, the house is owned by an investment company, and was flipped.  As part of the flipping, they got rid of the old stove and fridge.  We made a note in the contract that the sellers would pay $500 towards the cost of a new stove at closing, because we didn't want them to buy a random crappy stove.  Our lawyer told us that we could close without a stove, and buy it once we own the home. 

Well, yesterday afternoon, our lawyer calls and tells us he needs to know what stove we want ASAP because they have to install it.  Um, what?  So Matt and I made a mad dash out to Home Depot last night, along with the kitchen edition of Consumer Reports.  The first Home Depot we tried only had 4 gas ranges, so we run out of there (literally, since it was after 8pm at this point and we were worried about the stores closing) and go to another location.  After all that running around, we came up with this Hotpoint range:

It was rated as a best buy in Consumer Reports (which we trust completely).  It's a pretty standard range, and it has a self-cleaning oven.  It's $549, but we told the seller that we're willing to pay the difference, so I really hope they go with our choice.  I think we'll be happy with our choice, even if we had to rush it.

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