New Chairs!

Good news: Matt and I finally agreed on chairs for the living room! 

Bad news: They are special order and won't be delievered for 10-12 weeks. 

But they're pretty.  And blue.

We decided on the Tulip chair from West Elm.  Since our sofa is beige and our walls are gray, we really wanted the chairs to be bold and colorful.  We ended up choosing a blue called Lagoon. 

Tulip Chair, Performance Velvet, Lagoon
In addition to the chairs being awesome, they were also 15% off.  That, coupled with our 10% off coupon, dropped the price from $499 each to $381 each, so we saved $236. 

On the schedule for this weekend:  I want to finish the built-in bookcase in the kitchen, and the base cabinet.  I'm hoping that we won't lose power (we are in Irene's path, and the fun is supposed to start tomorrow and last until Monday morning).  I hope everyone has a good weekend and if you're on the east coast keep safe! 

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