Organizational Update

So it's day 3 of planned activities, and I think it's going better than expected!  I have been finding that not only am I getting the things on my list done, but I'm doing additional tasks that I wasn't even planning for!  Before I tell you what I've been up to, let me give you a little picture of the sad rut that Matt and I have gotten into. 

We usually both get home between 5:00 and 5:15 (yay for living within 5 miles of work!).  We go to the office, turn on our computers, and turn on the tv.  We'll usually both get snacks and eat them with our computers on our laps and the TV on in the background. At around 7 I'll start talking about dinner, and we'll probably start making it at 7:30-8.  Dinner on nights like this is usually something quick and unhealthy because neither of us feel like making anything else.  Then after dinner I might read a little and Matt might go practice guitar, and then we'll go to sleep around 11-12. 

What a huge waste of time!  There are 6 hours between 5 and 11, and we have been wasting them!  So far, the chore schedule has been hugely beneficial in holding us accountable for how we're spending our time.  Here is how the past 2 days have gone:

Tuesday 8/16:

I got home from work, and started filling the holes in the bathroom trim.  I got them all filled, and noticed that the bathtub was looking a little dirty, so even though cleaning day wasn't for 2 whole days, I decided to clean the bathtub!  When Matt got home he told me that he had been meaning to add some extra nails to the bathroom trim, so he added those.  Then something unexpected happened... As I was waiting for Matt to finish nailing the trim, I noticed that we had a lot of laundry piling up, so I started a load!  Even though I could have waiting a few more days!  Miracle of miracles!  And at this point it was still only 6:15!  I was actually shocked at how much I had accomplished after being home only an hour! 

Matt and I went to the gym after that, and we got a really good workout in.  We got home around 8:00, and we cooked dinner - a light and healthy made from scratch Asian pasta dish.  After dinner I painted the bathroom trim, and it looks so much better!  Since I already had the paint out I decided to paint some other trim that had been cut and was waiting to be installed in the dining room.  After showering, washing the dishes and folding the laundry I still had time to watch the finale of Master Chef (so happy that Christian didn't win!).  I am actually completely shocked that I accomplished so much on a weeknight! 

Wednesday 8/17:

I had my company softball game after work (we won and I got 2 runs!).  I got home around 7 and started making dinner.  Matt had spent the 2 uninterrupted hours he was home installing trim in the kitchen and around the window in the dining room.  This means that all I have to do is fill, caulk and paint the trim, and then we can install the dining room curtains! 

After dinner, Matt cut down the living room closet doors, so we're one step closer to having them finished.  I gave the kitchen base cabinet another coat of paint and cleaned up from dinner. 

I have to admit I'm loving this home-made dinner thing that's been happening.  We had done meal planning at our apartment, but had stopped after buying the house for several reasons.  For the first 2 months we were at the house every night working on it, and we did not have a working kitchen.  For the second month we were rushing to finish everything before the party, and didn't have time to cook.  For the past 2 months we've been really lazy.  Now that we're back to meal planning, trips to the grocery store are so much easier, and we're not wasting as much food, since we only buy what we know we're going to eat.  Plus, we both like cooking, and it's nice to be eating healthier.

Overall, I'm really happy with how the scheduling is going.  Hopefully we'll be able to continue like this!


  1. #1 - very jealous of the 5 minute commute.
    #2 - you were rooting against the Gloucester guy????
    #3 - congrats on getting back to cooking good meals.
    #4 - laundry on a weeknight?????

  2. Just came across your blog while I was researching countertops. I am considering buying the exact ones you have. I also have very similar cupboards to the ones in your kitchen. Can you let me know how you like your countertop so far. I live in Canada and the Eco line is super expensive here. About $100.00/ft installed. Would love your opinion.

  3. After having them for 3 months, I still love them. They were about the same price here, but I think it was worth it. Also, we got them on sale, so if you have some time to shop around you might be able to cut down on the price.

    They've held up really well to everyday wear and tear. My husband tends to "forget" to use a cutting board, and I haven't noticed any scratches.

    The only thing about them that bothers me is that if they're not cleaned properly they can get a film on them. It's not a big deal, and definitely wouldn't stop me from buying them again if I had the chance!

  4. Beth-

    1- I loooove my commute. I am so spoiled.
    2- I actually didn't know he was from Gloucester! He was a huge jerk!
    3- I love that we're cooking again!
    4- It's crazy! How will I spend my weekends?

  5. Thanks Anne,
    I have looked around at countertops alot and I keep coming back to these. Since I'm not replacing cupboards I think the splurge is worth it. Thanks for answering my questions.