Hey, remember those chairs?

You might remember that Matt and I bought a pair of chairs from West Elm last August.  Well, they're here and we love them! 

I also saw a sale last week for up to 75% off at www.rugsusa.com (it's still going on, so check it out!).  Amazingly, we ordered the rug last Saturday and it was waiting for me when I got home on Friday! 

The rug we ordered was originally $1017, but we bought it on clearance for $252 with free shipping!

After 1.5 hours, and moving the sofa back and forth 5 times (Matt was sooo happy with me, especially after I convinced him to go to the gym with me before that!), we managed to lay the rug exactly where I wanted it.  I love how it anchors the seating area in the room, and distinguishes it from the entryway/open hallway from the front door to the kitchen. 

So here are the photos!

Eventually we will move the brown chair into the family room downstairs.
We will probably play around with the layout once we move the brown chair downstairs.  Suggestions welcome!

I love the new rug!

We chose the door paint color based on the chairs.  I'm so glad it worked out!

We also bought a new pillow from Target to tie in the chairs to the sofa. I'll probably eventually replace the red pillows, too.

I love the details of the pillow.
I'm so excited about the new additions to our living room.  It seems so much more comfortable now that we have a rug! 


  1. The space is looking great. What a deal on that rug!! I absolutely adore the paint color of your door. Looks amazing.

  2. Love the chairs and new rug! And the blue door! lol Everything is coming together! Beautiful!

  3. Love the blue chairs, and the house! Thanks for sharing all of you're amazing ideas for us fellow DIY'ers!

  4. I'm really loving the paint colour on your walls. Sorry if I missed the post but I just found your blog. Will you share what colour it is?

  5. Thanks!

    Andrea: the paint is Valspar Tempered Gray.