Master Half Bath Tile Floors, Part 2

So around mid-December I got all ambitious, deciding to pretty much gut the master half bath, replacing everything.  I went out and bought tile samples, set them all out and decided what I would use. 

So my dad came over the weekend after I chose my finishes to help me remove the toilet.  It was a relatively uneventful visit, except that the toilet fell over on my hardwood floors.  Noooo!  It made a large dent, but is on a section that will be under the bed, so I'm trying not to freak out.  Anyway, we got the toilet out with no leaking and minimal grossness.

And then came the holidays, and obsessive baking, shopping, gift-wrapping, holiday events, etc.  The small bathroom off of our currently uninhabited master bedroom took a backseat.  Not anymore.  Yesterday I came home from work and just decided to go for it.  I mean, there's only so many times you can google "how to remove ceramic tile" without being completely redundant (two times, by the way). 

So I got to work with my awesome prying tool, a hammer, safety goggles and gloves.  We had all learned in the Great Backsplash Removal of 2011 that safety glasses and gloves are a must, after my dad cut his hand and Matt's dad got a piece of tile to the eye while removing the old kitchen backsplash. 

Instead of rambling on, I'll show you the progress photos:

Removing the tiles was actually pretty easy.  They came up with little resistance, as did the mastic.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the subfloor was completely level at every point which I checked.  This is saving me the huge headache of having to replace the subfloor.


The tiles aren't actually attached yet, I set them up so when I do go to attach them I can do it quickly and not have to worry about the pieces fitting together properly.

Ready to attach!
So I'm pretty much ready to go!  I'm planning to attach the tiles tomorrow, and grout on Sunday.  After that I'll finish the walls and paint, tile the wall, add trim, install the new light fixture, medicine cabinet, vanity and toilet.  And then it will be finished! 

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