New Year, New Kitchen Drawer!

Think back, far back, from before Matt and I moved.  When we were in the middle of our kitchen remodel.  You might remember that originally the base cabinets ended at the dishwasher. 

We decided that we wanted them to go to the door, but we couldn't find a matching cabinet.  Then Matt and his dad built one, quickly, so that we could get the counter templated.  We had always meant to finish the cabinet, but things came up and it kept getting pushed back. 

Over the past few months, whenever I've had the white paint out, I've been giving the cabinet a coat of paint.  For some reason it took a really long time for the cabinet to look normal and evenly painted, but now it finally does.

A few weeks ago, we finally attached the bottom of the cabinet, which had been just resting for about 6 months.  We screwed it in, and then caulked and painted around the edges.  I also caulked around the back of the base. 

About 2 months ago, Matt and I were talking, and we decided that having a pull-out drawer would be really convenient.  So as a surprise, while I was away a few of weeks ago Matt started the process of installing the pull-out drawer, and I came home to this:

It's he awesome?  I knew I married him for a reason.  Anyway, it has taken a few more weekends of sawing, painting and installing, but we finally got the last drawer in! 

And our kitchen is one step closer to being complete.  This was a huge thing to get done, and another project that has been going on way too long. 

Still up for the kitchen:
  • install light fixture (it's so dark at the table!)
  • install undercabinet lighting?  (still not sure about this)
  • new refrigerator and water line (hopefully sometime this year)
  • touch up paint (we had a few spots during trim installation where the paint got messed up)
  • new back storm door (not until spring)
  • paint kitchen door (not until it gets warmer out)
  • curtains for the window
So we still have a few things to do, but finishing this cabinet was a huge step towards our kitchen finally being completed!


  1. Hi Ann,
    A few months back I left a comment on your blog and asked how you liked your Eco counter tops. I just got mine installed about 2 weeks ago, thanks to finding your blog. It made my decision easier seeing them in some of the pictures on your blog. I absolutely love them!! I have become a regular follower of your blog and enjoy watching your house renovations. Love the new cupboard in your kitchen.


  2. Hi Karla,

    I'm so glad you like your counters! After 8 months, I still love mine.

    Thanks for following me!