Quick Fix Organization

While Matt and I try to bring re-usable bags out when we go shopping, sometimes we forget.  In those cases, we come home with a bunch of plastic bags.  Since I feel guilty just throwing them in the trash, we keep them and use them to line our small trash cans. 

Previously, we would store the plastic bags behind the trash can under the sink. This was annoying because they were a pain to get to, and would frequently take over our under-sink area, where we also store cleaning products.

So when I saw an old tissue box re-used as a plastic bag holder on Pinterest, I knew I had to try that.  I decided the best place to put it was on the interior door of the under-sink cabinet.  We had already installed a paper towel holder there, since Matt "needed" one and I prefer to hide the paper towels.  This is compromise, people!

It took us a surprisingly long time to run out of tissues.  I think I had the idea for about a month before the current box ran out, but when I finally used the last one I was ready to go.  I rolled about 10 plastic bags into little balls, and stuck them in the tissue box. 

Then I used Gorilla Tape to attach the box to the inside of the cabinet door. 

Voila!  A plastic bag holder in less than 5 minutes!

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