Update Office Chair

For Matt's birthday a few months ago, I bought him a new office chair.  It's better for him, because the arms fold down so that he can play guitar easier.  Since he had no more use for his old office chair, I took ownership.

The only problem... It was old and pretty beat up.  It is at least 10 years old, and the gray material is tearing in places and slightly discolored from constant usage, and many food and drink spills.

I got the materials I needed together.  I planned to use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the chair.  

I ended up choosing a fabric that matched the office walls almost exactly.  Lucky, because I didn't even take a paint chip with me! I loved the cream/pink/brown color palate.  I also liked the fun, floral pattern.  Eventually I would like to do a light pink flower stencil on the wall, and this fabric was very close to what I had in mind.

I started by taking the chair apart.
I then cut the fabric to fit the pieces.  I used 1.5 yards of fabric, and had just a little bit left over, so I guessed right again!

It took about 30 minutes to attach the first piece of fabric.  I was a little bit frustrated with how hard it was, because I had such an easy time with the headboard earlier this month.  I ended up needing to use a combination of hot glue and staples, because in some places the staples wouldn't stick.

I did end up getting all of the pieces covered in fabric.  I put the chair back together, and it looks completely different!  

I love the new look of the chair.  Plus, it was so cheap!  Here's the cost breakdown:

Staples: already had them
Hot Glue: already had it
Fabric: $6.30

Total Cost: $6.30

Not too bad for a new-looking chair!


  1. It looks really good and you are right, the colors are a perfect match with the walls! Great job! Hugs!

  2. Great job! Those chairs just have no personality although they're perfect for the office. You've made it pretty! Love it!