Weekend To-Do List

So this is the last full weekend to do work before we host my brother's graduation party.  We invited our friends and family, some of whom haven't seen our house yet.  There are still some things I want to get finished before the party. 

1. Finish the bookcase.  I have procrastinated on this for a really long time, mostly because it involved spackling, and I really hate that.  But I spackled last weekend, so this weekend I need to sponge, paint and put the shelves back in.  The annoying part will be painting the shelves, since they need about 3 coats on each side, and I can only paint one side at a time. 

2. Finish the trim in the living room/dining room/kitchen.  At this point most of the trim is up, and it needs to be filled, caulked and painted.

3. Install curtains in the dining room.  Once we finish painting the trim we can install the curtains.

4. Finish the base cabinet in the kitchen. 

5. Install trim in the upstairs hallway.  We really want to do this because it will look so much better from the downstairs.

6. Finish going through the closets and decided what stays and what is donated.  I am sick of having so much stuff everywhere.  A lot of it was in boxes from college that I never unpacked and just brought to the house.

So with all this stuff to do, you will hopefully be seeing a lot of updates from me in the next week.  Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck getting it all done. I think planning a party is the best way to get stuff done quickly! I think I'm going to offer to host Christmas this year ;)

  2. I agree! We had a huge amount of motivation when we hosted a party last spring, and then kind of fizzled out after that. I hope we can get it all done!