Wait, we have a dining room?

Well, you may be surprised, as I really haven't mentioned it since we bought the house.  Honestly, I think we forget it's there sometimes.  It's embarrassing, but 90% of the time Matt and I eat our dinner in the office in front of the TV.  It's a bad habit. 

Anyway, we recently started to install trim in the dining room!  We still have a little bit left, but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek. 

Here it is with some of the base trim up.  Please ignore all the tools on the table.

The first piece of chair rail is up!

The window trim is done (well, except for the whole caulking and painting, but I'll get to that!)
 So anyway, I think this proves that we have a dining room, and in a couple of weeks it's going to look awesome! 

I've also been busy planning my brother's graduation party.  Steve graduated from Penn State in August, but my mom has been sick, so we postponed his party until she was feeling better.  Well, it's almost here!  We're rushing to get the house put together and get everything prepared for his party on October 30th.  Wish us luck!

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