Curb Appeal

So since we've moved in, we've spent a lot of time working on the interior of our house, but not too much time working on the outside.  It was way overtime for us to make some exterior updates. 

We did paint the front door a few weeks ago, and added my awesome homemade Penn State wreath, but beyond that not too much.  Besides some help from my grandparents and Matt's mom in the spring, we haven't done anything with the landscaping.

So this is what it looked like as of this morning:

overgrown bushes

our Penn State gnome, Fred

overgrown, but the inpatients that Matt's mom planted are thriving!

The door looks a lot better, but the mailbox and light are old.  The light hasn't actually worked since we moved in!

At least we're trying with the pumpkins and mums...

This is actually embarrassing.  I swear I have a black thumb.
So yea, not looking so hot.  The weather reports for today were all saying it would be high 70s and sunny, so we decided to spend the day working outside.  I bought a new mailbox and light fixture, and Matt agreed to climb on the roof (even though he's getting over a cold) and clean out the gutters.  I put on my gardening gloves and we got to work!

Matt cleaning out the gutters.

Front entry with a new (working!) light and mailbox.

Cleaned up bushes.

Much more tidy.

We still have the dead tree, but at least the weeds are gone!
I'm pretty happy with the updates we made.  I love that we actually have a porch light that works.  I really wanted one before halloween, because how else will the kids know to come to our door for candy? 

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